The Big Bang

My recent venture working on a blog for some friends of mine ( has spurred my desire to start a blog that is both cleaner and more representative of me. So here goes “On-Rye,” a seemingly cleaver pun on my name, if I do say so myself.

I have been blogging for over two years, believe it or not. I can’t exactly call a lot of my writing so far actual “blogging” though because a lot of it has been personal goobley garb of the 10-12th grades. My only hope is I can look back on those postings in a few years and get a chuckle or two. Somehow the fact that the writings are being hosted at tells you what kind of writing is there.

I started it because I began reading my friends postings about teenage drama and angst. I wanted insight into my friends and I thought of it as a way of peering into their dark lives without them knowing. Then again, why would you post your “diary” online for the world to see, if you didn’t expect someone to read it… Sophomore year in high school was still a time of great turbulence, an emotional plane-ride. Whenever someone would write something dark and depressing, a whole group of readers would come to school the next day thinking the writer was going to commit suicide.

From there, I got a little wishy-washy in my postings. I’d post a lot for a week and then you wouldn’t hear from me for three weeks. Somehow or other, my “diary” lost its luster. It probably was because anything I was actually feeling probably wasn’t meant for the public eye. My writing turned to an acting journal for awhile mixed in with the occasional college search posting.

You can see the whole two-year saga in all its glory here:

So cheers to a new beginning!