Flying by the seat of my pants, I managed to obtain tickets to Lenon, the musical for this evening just two hours before the performance (for half price, mind you…).

I am always wary of broadway musicals with huge amplification and glitz out the wazoo because as wonderful as it seems, it misses the human quality of live theatre. Lenon was no exception but, for the first time, it bothered me that all the glitz could not hide the lack of anything substantial in the work. It was a concert, for all intensive purposes. No amount of props and costume changes will make me believe otherwise. Basically, I felt I was on seven-person American Idol, and I was there to do the judging. Vocal quality ranged from quite decent to a few that didn’t know how to do anything but shout. The pop melismas prevaded.

Rather than blaming the actors/singers, I think it has to do with a show that is poorly constructed to begin with. It is an admirable effort for a collection of songs over a lifetime mixed in with some historical background but it lacked any kind of storyline to hold things together. These days, it is popular to do shows without a real “story” but I think a good plot can go a long way.

So, the show is skipping its Boston stop on its pre-Broadway tour. It will instead go into rehearsals to clean up before heading to Broadway.