Where have all the flowers gone?

Whatever happened to the good ol’ fashioned print media?

It appears it’s gone down the drain as top newspapers report circulation down 1.9%, according to AP. Also, an article appeared in today’s Times about print media vying for advertising dollars.

The newspaper, and print media for that matter, has something that online news and TV will never have: tangiblity. You can hold that newspaper in your hand and feel it. It does not go away with a click of the mouse or remote control. It’s permanent. The power of the printed word seems weightier. It could be that it takes all the more effort to put it out in print. It’s almost as if news in print has to be thought through as opposed to being thrown together and posted on the web somewhere. Then again, there is the fact that the idea of a newspaper is ingrained in our society where “businessmen” read the newspaper in suits and ties while drinking that morning cup of coffee. Maybe I’m just nostalgic.