The Acorn Strikes Again

The College Board flubs again as an M.I.T. professor does the math to prove that longer essays on the new SAT mean a higher score, even if half of it’s made up. The Times reported ran the story this morning.

Good god. This further proves that the SAT measures nothing whatsoever. At first I thought it was a good thing that the University of California threatened the College Board to change the exam. Now, again, it seems this type of standardized test is useless for college admission. Colleges need to get a clue and dump the monopolistic College Board.

Speaking of the good ol’ College Board, I have finished taking two Advanced Placement exams in two days. While the relief is setting in already, both exams have proven to me that AP exams too are flawed. Teachers spend so much of the year teaching to the test that cuts off a good three to four weeks of the school year. Then again, those who take the exam realize that many colleges don’t reward credit for their scores. UHS offers the courses to keep pace with other high-flying independent schools.