Reality Check

This Times article outlines the new world of high school productions. The world of wireless mics, 40-channel sound boards, fog machines, costume shops, and massive budgets. It’s the theatre productions that strive to be Broadway, as “professional” as possible. The article picks apart the good, the bad, and the ugly of this upcoming theatre realm.

It is fascinating to compare a school in Albany, N.Y. to University High School. I spotted so many similarities in the push for professionalism. However, I recognized that UHS attempts to minimize the downsides of the push toward Broadway-style theatre. The reason is that we don’t aim for Broadway, we aim for quality theatre, unplugged. We know how to project, we know to act. Our techies know our technology, they know run a show sans teacher.

I like our equilibrium and, as the article says, there will no place like it.