iPod, uPod, we all Pod for iPod

I knew something was amiss when I saw none other than Raleigh Werberger changing his playlist on his blindingly white iPod. Flashbacks of a freshman year activity on sweatshop labor and global American branding came to mind. Raleigh himself had turned the dark side, giving in to the hottest music gadget trend since the walkman.

This Times article explains my feelings well. How can something so mainstream be cool? Although I sometimes am tempted at the ease of use and sleek design, I do not own an iPod because I think it’s almost too conformist now. I’d be a late joiner, a poser if I got one now. Whatever happened to individual choice and artistic expression? That’s not even to mention how Apple keeps their tech under lock and key.

So I go without a mp3 player, sticking it to “la foule” while pretending I am an advocate of individual expression.


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  1. Ryan! Why did you move? WHY? WHY? Now I have to check three things…that’s rather selfish of you…

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