Copyright, Like That

Now that I have been accused of having a “Times obsession,” I have decided to blog on something else today.

I got home to find a letter from the Library of Congress addressed to me. It was the official certificate of registration for the copyright of THE FUSE: a chain reaction, the musical play. After submitting the forms (and a $35 check from Lorna) three and a half months ago, I have finally received the approval.

Interestingly enough, the law is such that your material is copyright as soon as it is created. However, people “register” their copyrights to allow themselves the right to sue should someone steal their material. Want to know more? Go to: Is the 35 buck investment in prevention against theft worth it? Maybe. Is having an ultra-cool certificate worth it? Yeah. Is having Trent’s music and George’s book sitting in the Library of Congress’ vast reserves worth it? Hell yea.


2 thoughts on “Copyright, Like That”

  1. Like I said, it’s copyright regardless of the registration. As good as glass is, I don’t think someone is going to illegally go behind your back to put it on without your knowledge…

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