I suppose today’s as good as any to start examining my options for next fall, when I will take a semester off before starting at Midd.

Perhaps, most tempting of my offers so far has been an offer to produce a musical at the first privately funded and run university in China (Okay, I’ll admit I don’t know the name of the university nor the exact location but it can’t be that sketch, right?). This institution is in its infancy as it continues to grow outside the bounds of the intricate Chinese political system. A family friend (who went to grade school with my mother in Hong Kong) is the dean of the school. She started with the position a few years ago with the purpose of bringing a more liberal “UC Berkeley” feel to the new university.

While details are lacking, it appears the school is in need of real arts education. Somehow the newly formed marching band is not going to cut it. Imitations of Usher and Tori Amos are not going to count as “the arts.” So, a musical is in store.

What worries me, however, is the amount of resources available. Yes, the school has lots of funding from investors looking to build up a private Chinese university but who knows what I’d be dealing with. I would need: a director, a tech director (for the huge teched-out theatre), a choreographer, and a music director. Plus, I don’t speak Mandarin.

Exciting? Yes. Frightening? Hella.


2 thoughts on “Muzakal”

  1. Ryan–that sounds *so* cool. I think, however, that you would want to figure out a team before you shipped off. Plus, hanyu bu shi hen mang, as long as your not trying to learn to read/write it. Haha watch me have made a huge error of some sort in those five words.

  2. Ryan – my brother goes to Middlebury. If you’re interested in talking with him about anything, just let me know. He’s gonna be a senior. He loves it.

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