Nine seniors will likely appear on the ballot for choosing graduation speakers. Each one deserves to speak in so manys. The nominees are:

Girls: Hollis Wear, Gavi Elkind, Carolyn Tobkin
Guys: Sam Lazarus, Noah Pritzker, George Watsky, Sam Roberge, Trent Walker, and me.

I’ll be honest. I would love to speak for a class that, in all honesty, is more than it seems. We’re not the golden class, the class of pizazz, the big class, the small class, or whatever. We’re just a class that leads quietly and quickly without hesitation or ego. Sure, we have our outspoken members but we do what we need to do and we do it well.

The class of ’05 marks the closing of an era at UHS. Many changes await next year at a school that is looking toward the future. However, I fear UHS is going down the wrong path in so many ways. It is imperative that it remember its humble beginnings as a school in and of the city. I truly hope that the 30th anniversary will strike a chord of rememberance of a time of passionate devotion to education.

I feel the class of ’05 can teach a lesson as the candles are lit for the 30th birthday; lead with a quiet confidence that extends far beyond the walls of UHS.


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