I Got A Plan

Last night I was watching The Apprentice. I know, it’s a reality show but I feel obligated to watch it in order to participate in Econ class the next day. Last night was the season finale as two women put on a big event: a hype deal for the 2012 NYC Olympics and another hype deal for a new boxing video game. What truly amazed me was the amount these two women had to accomodate for their guests. The athletes wanted this, the governor wanted that, the sponsors wanted something else. It was a mess.

I felt the same way today in organizing Prom dinner. There are so many variables especially when working with a group of 16! Expense, Type of Food, Decor, Atmosphere, Distance from the Prom, Traveling to the Prom, Vegetarian, Vegan, and so on. It reminded me of why there is a whole industry in “planning” as well as an industry in “service.” I can only imagine Jon’s best bud, the conceierge, at the Four Seasons. You just want to make people happy and you really have to have that attitude, all the time.