Prom is such a quintessential high school event. To me, it is the embodiment of the huge high school in the Midwest with Prom in a gym. That is why it irks me to see UHS put on such an event. Somehow Chad’s “rookie party-er” analogy works well here in that Prom is such a amateurish event. It is high school students getting all dressed up as if this is the only time they will get dressed up -ever- and it is the highlight of their lives. The truth is that UHS students will get dressed up many more times and go to many more parties. That’s why I don’t quite get why Prom has such a reputation surrounding it, especially at our school.

Then again, it is a nice night in general. It may not be the highlight of high school but it certainly does provide a certain excitement to our daily lives. I might even venture to say that it is healthy to have some prama to distract UHS students from laboring over their work.

Personally, I cherished my lack of prama this year. It was clear I was going with the radiant Alexandra in teal. I couldn’t stop humming, “Be sure to wear a flower in your hair” because of her orchid corsage.

I was prompted to organize dinner plans. I must say that dinner went off without a hitch even if I had a backup plan and everything. I hope attendees had fun. I do somewhat regret being worried about it more than I should have.

Prom itself was somewhat of a letdown, but perhaps that is because the novelty of it had worn off since junior year. It also could be that Prom just was not as well put together (maybe I’m too judgemental). It could have been all the teachers watching or even my run-in with semi-rude middle school classmates too.

But all’s well that ends well, goes the saying. A quiet (low-key) evening to wind down at LQ’s household was more than pleasant.


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