Teacher Diversity

So Elena will appreciate this article in the Times about how Harvard will spend $50 million to increase faculty diversity particularly among women in the sciences. This is entirely interesting in comparison to UHS where faculty diversity usually is second fiddle to student diversity. That’s not to say Dean of Faculty Bill Bullard isn’t working on it but the subject only comes up in talking about the departure of teachers Stever Morris and Tommy Goodwin last year.

Currently, faculty diversity plays out in weird ways. About a month ago, math teacher and class dean DeAndre Calhoun showed a film about Emitt Till, the son of a sharecropper who was brutally killed. DeAndre prefaced the screening by saying something to the tune of, “As one of three African American teachers on campus, I feel it is my duty to show you this movie.” That got me thinking, there are currently three African American faculty members and two African American staff members at UHS. There are five Asian American faculty and one Asian American staff member. And so on… What if every “teacher of color” took it upon themselves to educate their classes in the same way DeAndre did? Is that necessary? If we had a more diverse teaching core would it be necessary? What’s more important: faculty or student diversity?


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  1. I think faculty diversity is particularly important. Without diversity among faculty members, there cannot possibly be diversity on the admissions committee. Teachers are, for better or for worse, role models for their students, and its important that the school offer a diverse set of role models.

    How would I feel if none of my teachers were Jewish? Probably not so good.

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