Three Cents

Not much can follow up the last two photo blogging posts. But then again I made the Chronicle this morning commenting on what grade SF Public Schools should get. I really do not look at the situation that way but hey I sort of felt like getting printed (why? see below). I actually would give a lot more credit to a system that tries to do the best with what it has. There are lots of examples of San Francisco students challenging themselves to be the best they can, and I admire that.

My participation in the Two Cents program in the SF Chronicle has dropped recently. The program essentially consists of the Chronicle sending you questions by email and you respond. They have you picture on file and print it with the pertaining info each time you get selected. The reason I have not been getting involved recently is because the questions sent are not really all that interesting. The number of emails I get has also gone down because there are a lot more people in the database now. However, it could also be that it is almost too easy for me to be printed: all I have to do is say something slightly radical (i.e. usually right-wing) and voila you’re in the paper!