Creative Commons

Just a few days after adding Creative Commons to my own blog, this article showed the new-found popularity of the copyright agreement arrangement. It goes on to discuss the new-wave of “some rights reserved” in music. This is follow-up, of course, to the never-ending debate to the legality of who owns music and who deserves to be paid. In the apres-Napster age, no one really knows anymore and the article argues that Creative Commons is taking away the full rights of musicians by offering their service, albeit non-profit.

Personally, I think the “some rights reserved” idea is an important step up from the really vague “all rights reserved.” After copyrighting THE FUSE: a chain reaction, a musical play, I know about the complicated system of “property.” However, how many people spend hours on Creative Commons is a concise and simple way for people to specify exactly how their work can be used. Since it was created for blogs, it works the best in that realm but it is interesting to see the program branch out.