Ryan is Sensitive and Like a Machine

This is a bit of a different take on Ben Casnocha’s blog post on navigating high school friendship. I found it very interesting that I know exactly what Ben is saying. I make use of email, instant messanger, MySpace, blogs, etc. Elena Butler and company joke that Gmail is attached to my brain. Sophomore year, people called me the “rehearsal nazi” because I was a stickler for rehearsing with Bar4, the UHS Barbershop Quartet (more on this at a later date). There was a point with the Devil’s Advocate where I sent an email out to editors every day. Okay, so I can be a machine.

Can you be a “machine” and be sensitive too?

I believe that you have to be “sensitive.” You have to make time for building strong relationships with smart and beautiful people. What do you have in life if you don’t pursue personal connections? Even if you are looking at it from an economic standpoint, personal relationships are long-term investment in human capital. And if you really are jaded, then those relationships will pay off monetarily. Nevertheless, the time, as a cost, will match the benefit if you look at the bigger picture. But, all of this really depends on what your life goals are at any given time. I keep working with my dad, as he gets older, to gradually change his life focus away from making money for the family to taking care of his health, for instance. I think working on the personal, in person, is a good goal to have all the time.

What about technological relationships which are fostered by things like this blog? Ultimately, this blog is a reflection of the “real” life. I try to blog on experiences and things that I discuss with people. I want to get feedback by talking to people, thereby building strong personal connections, and then write about them (No, I haven’t discussed this post with Ben in person but maybe we’ll chat about it on Monday at school). That’s why I am always hesistant to give weight to the comment option below. Obviously I can’t poll every person I know before posting but I definitely make an attempt to review my ideas with a few. I don’t start convos here, this is where they come to a conclusion, a resolution for me. Of course, the topics may spark discussion for others past my posting. So, in general, you have to start in person so you have the option to use tech realm as one tool to continue a relationship.