Four More Years!

School council elections were held on Friday and the results will be announced tomorrow. Rumor has it that the-man-in-the-shorts Geoff Shaw has won for president of the student body. While I will save you the pain of reading about my thoughts on school council, I would like to venture a guess at how Geoff will turn out as a president.

His standup comedy speech won the hearts of many but his real agenda is limited. He opted for the cliche of “everyone’s voice will be heard,” which happened to be the platform several other candidates ran on. He will support the 30th anniversary series of speakers with debates (which flopped in ’04 under Christian Tombkins). Geoff will make for well-liked president through funny and amusing All School Meetings but will be pinned with a small undercurrent of dissent claiming Geoff’s inability to make any sweeping changes (admittedly, “sweeping” is relative).

Candidate David Lee will likely attempt some of the items proposed in his speech even without the position of president. His work with will pick up but other initiatives will fall flat including, my favorite, the city-wide high school newspaper (but funds? people? location? comunication?). Logistics and waning interest will keep many of his ideas from reaching their full potential.

Vice presidential positions will stumble out of the gates next year but will retain the status quo.

Adminstration will continue to lay down decisions for ’07’s major reworking. Some inventive changes will take place but a majority of decisions will hurt a school that has no vision for what it wants to be.

Pessimistic? Yes. Probable? Check.


4 thoughts on “Four More Years!”

  1. “a school that has no vision for what it wants to be”

    Thank you Ryan, for finally saying what no one has the guts to say and what I wish I could say more. UHS is a school without a vision, philosophy, or educational purpose of any merit larger then “get students into good colleges.” That’s not to say it’s a bad school, and it certainly is not to say that many its teachers are not great at what they do. (And no I’m not just saying that because I know of teachers who read blogs. hi Jesse!…) Yet on the whole, UHS is an institution that lacks a vision, a purpose for being.

    Just talking about “integrity, inquiry, and purposes larger than the self” doesn’t make them so. In order to realize these goals, the school needs to act on them, to teach them. Right now, the school teaches students to do as much work as they are given in return for grades. Integrity is encouraged only by the fact that students are punished when they lack it, inquiry is encouraged only when students receive a grade for their studies, and community service is too rewarded with a grade. The school isn’t fulfilling its mission, it’s ordering it.

    If I wasn’t too busy trying to suck up to people, that’s what I would have stood up and said Friday (well if I wasn’t out sick too…).

  2. “Vice presidential positions will stumble out of the gates next year but will retain the status quo.”

    I’m glad you have faith in me, Ryan. Or is it that you expect my first priority to be the DA? Perhaps you haven’t yet heard of my angry little Asian girl revolution (I take the name from a popular comic). I won’t give away all the details, but I’m sure we’ll catch up during a future layout session. Even if Neha and I get nothing done, we’ll be efficient about it, at the very least.

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