Spare Change

I came home from school today wanting to get a jump on the homework I’ve been putting off. However, my housekeeper came to me asking for help deciphering health care paperwork because she speaks and reads little English. Without going into too many details, she is applying for a long-term visa in France, where her son lives.

After having wading through all the terminology and settling on a course of action, we began to talk about scariness of change because my whole household is going through a process of change. She feels she cannot stay in the U.S. much longer as she grows older without much work. My dad is changing jobs in the near future. I don’t know what I am doing next semester before going to college. So, we talked about the fear of change but also the absolute necessity of it. Just as in music, you must stop and reflect before moving on to even greater heights.

She gave me a quote at the end: “Be able to look back with wisdom and forward with hope.”

I shall impart that upon the Juniors tomorrow.


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