R.S. Says…

I have a super overachiever group in Math. On senior skip day, we all showed up. Even our teacher didn’t show. Junior R.S. said, “They’re going to Harvard and Stanford and Harvard and then there’s Ryan.”



5 thoughts on “R.S. Says…”

  1. Though there also is a student in your class who was deciding btwn Stanford, Northwestern, Williams, and MIddlebury. Not bad company. I do know from my brother that Middlebury has one of hte highest rankings of student happiness out of any college. Harvard is among the lowest.

  2. Excuse me Ryan… you are making me look like a very mean person. The real quote involved an “and Middlebury.” Middlebury seems like a great place to go to school.

  3. Ah so defining people by their college seems to be the way to go, eh? … Just imagine: “Yesterday I ate lunch with two UPenns and a McGill. You know, I have a Yalie in my science class too!”

  4. Yeah, especially since the comment was originally mine. I said it yesterday, in response to Rachel saying “Yeah, Ryan has a good math project group.” Geez Rachel, give credit where credit is due.

    And by the way, I was making fun of how people judge people based on name-brand colleges. Lord knows Ryan and Middlebury are a great match, and both command my utmost respect at all times.

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