Summerbridge, We Will Lead

I saw many of my friends (Gavi, Schenker (she’s not mean), Elena B) open up the Summerbridge (SB) “manual” as they prepare to switch over to becoming teachers in the upcoming weeks. What they fail to realize is that the manual, while good to get a sense of the program, does not help whatsoever. The book, while well-written, does not capture the what it is like to be in a room of middle schoolers. Not to worry, SB teachers learn quickly.

The other thing that I now fully appreciate about SB, which is understated in the manual, is its spirit. No other summer program, that I know of, has that type of ultra-positive atmosphere. That atmosphere where learning/education is not just fun, it’s thrilling and everyone buys into it whole heartedly. It’s an atmosphere of creativity, challenge, and support for teachers and students alike. This spirit is what makes me want to do it again once I muster up enough strength to withstand the workload.


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