Travelin’ Joe

At 11:00PM last night, I found my mother on the computer frantically searching for a place to go on vacation. She held in her very hands a “free” ticket to anywhere in the US (mainland 48 states) which had to be booked by today and flown by June 15th. New York? Chicago? Seattle? She was going mad trying to make use of this “free” flight.

As if booking a flight weren’t enough, I’ve always found “vacation” travel to be very laborious. Raleigh Werberger’s conspiracy theories in Econ have got me thinking about how people are compelled to go see very specific sites in the world and only those places will fulfill the “joy” of travel. It’s the same thing with taking pictures: it seems people travel just so they can get that one photo with the Tour Eiffel or Great Wall. The satisfaction comes in showing off that photo once you get back because there sure is no satisfaction is shlepping around the world with oversized luggage.

I guess that is why I enjoying touring as a singer because singing in a location is a true experience that a picture can’t do justice.


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