On Saturday, I went for a BBQ dinner at a family friend’s house. There were a bunch of people who I have met before but don’t really see very often. They ask the usual small talk conversation: “Where you going to college?” and “How’s the end of senior year?”

One guy asked, “Where do you go to school again?”
I replied, “University High School.”
“Oh, where’s that?”
“Pacific Heights, San Francisco”
“Hmm…Hey, isn’t that where that closer on the Giants went to school?”
“Yeah, Tyler Walker”
“He allowed a HR today…”
“How’s the University baseball team?”
“I’m not sure…”

I find it somewhat strange that UHS can be seen first and foremost by some as sports school as a result of a famous alumnus. The more I think about it, the more I like that idea that UHS can be defined in many different ways past its academic prowess.


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