Recently, I have encountered several folks that have been adamently against the social networking phenomenon of the month, MySpace. I manage the Jazz Monster Myspace and have been pondering why this site is so popular. I think one major factor of MySpace is the quantifiable method to measure how popular you are. You have an exact number of “friends” that is easily expandable with the click of a button. The only caveat to that is that these “friends” may only be aquaintences. Another factor is the option for customization of the site and integration of blogging. People’s MySpace can turn into their website or blog very easily. You can customize colors, backgrounds, videos, information, etc. Yet another supposed upside is that the site is picture driven. Stimulating pictures dominate the site and provide yet another customization of individuality. Is this much different from other social networking sites (Friendster, Okrut, etc.)? I’m not sure it is but I can pass that off on heard mentality.

The Jazz Monsters use their MySpace to have a reachable base of fans. Using the bulletin posting option, we get to really let people know about JMonster events. The other use is to network with other bands and production companies in SF. We met one group who we considered recording with through MySpace.

Then again, MySpace has replaced the forums as the ultimate procrastination tool. Now that’s what it’s really about.



3 thoughts on “MySpace”

  1. hah, myspace. some people from my school got in trouble for posting…ahem…pictures on their myspace sites and looking at them on school computers. way to be smart

  2. I think we all know I’m one of those who spoke out adamantly against Myspace. I mean, really, when have I ever kept my mouth shut about an opinion? But even I’ll admit it does have it’s uses…maybe…a little…somewhat…but don’t expect to see me have an account soon (until absolutely everyone else is doing it, at least).

  3. Myspace seems like just another way to make people insecure about themselves. What if you post and don’t get a response? Why do you only have 40 friends when someone else has 100? I just dont get it. I feel like there is enough social pressure at school… why conform to it when you are at home?

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