A Testament

I am about three days or so into testing my Creative Zen Micro as mentioned in this post. So far, I am impressed with a fairly smooth operation. It is considerably smaller than I expected but looks very sleek. I am particularly impressed with the blue outer light, it’s sort of hypnotic. The vertical touch pad works well but has somewhat of a learning curve. I had to decrease the sensitivity of it because of my inability to gently touch the buttons with care and compassion.

The real story here goes not to the player but to the online music service. I planned on using Real Rhapsody, where I have an existing account using their unlimited streaming service. I wanted to upgrade to the portable device service where they allow you to take the unlimited selection of music with you. The website said it had “technical problems” processsing my request to try their newer service for a month. So, I turned to an insert from Napster included in the box for the Zen Micro. It offered a free month of testing of their “to-go” service, essentially the same as what Real would have provided. So, because Napster both partnered with Creative and made the instructions of setting it up simple (and available, for that matter), I went with their service. It is a testament to how easy it is to lose customers in a matter of minutes.

Then again there’s the debate of payment plans: rent (Rhapsody, Napster “to-go”) vs. own (iTunes). I’m trying rent, for now.


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