Hold it Right There

A few days ago, I talked to Marisa about her blog and she said her mother was limiting her escapade because she divulged too much info, stalkers could loom.

So I have a stalker of my own! Here is a sampling of our online conversation:

QueenLire: well hello there
kell1836: hi
QueenLire: it’s nice to finally talk to you
QueenLire: even if it is just online
QueenLire: i’ve been watching you for a long time
kell1836: oh
QueenLire: do you want to meet?
QueenLire: i mean, we don’t have to
QueenLire: no pressure
QueenLire: i just want to see you up close
kell1836: haha
QueenLire: haha
QueenLire: i know
QueenLire: it’s funny how we’ve crossed paths with our soulmate so early in life
QueenLire: or you i mean
kell1836: first things first, who are you?
QueenLire: i’m 43 years old, but i still got plenty of tender lovin’ left in me
QueenLire: my name is dana
QueenLire: i’ve seen you in your musicals
QueenLire: i made a blog just so that i could post a comment underneath your sixth-grade picture
QueenLire: do you want to see my comment? it’s in your picture gallery
kell1836: i’ll take a look
kell1836: funny you chose sixth grade to post under
kell1836: ha
QueenLire: i thought it was quite cute
QueenLire: do you want to meet up today? i can rent a motel room for us
kell1836: haha
QueenLire: why do you keep laughing?
QueenLire: tell me, i want to go there with you
QueenLire: hee-ee! hee-ee!
QueenLire: i’m just a filthy pig!
QueenLire: i like to drip slobber on myself all day long!
QueenLire: i chew my cud!

See her blog posting here based on my photo gallery. Someone I know thinks it’s funny, ya?


4 thoughts on “Hold it Right There”

  1. Dude, Ryan, that’s creepy…but whoever did that marked herself as a student from San Francisco, which leads to believe it’s a UHS student. Hmm…I’ll do some more snooping. I’m like Sam Spade!

  2. I am a fan of the illustrious Dana. I say you take up her offer and hit the motel scene. Follow-up: a 2000 word article on the dangers of online predators with photo supplements.

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