Broken Hallelujah

Last night I went to go see Broken Hallelujah put on the ACT’s Young Conservatory. I really enjoyed the space and location the Zeum theatre. It is small, intimate, no amplification needed. The story was set in the civil war surrounding a slightly bizarre but ultimately funny hunk of bacon. The characters were well put together even if the storyline is somewhat unthinkable and hard to follow. My only problem was one of the male characters playing a civil war soldier. His mannerisms and speech were too much like a teenager, like himself (even though I have no idea how he actually is). The accents (southern, irish, etc.) in the show had such variance that it became really inconsistent to me. That said, the best characters were ones the were consistently in character using physical action. That points only to the ACT style of acting which is much less emotion and physical based than what I am used to at UHS. For such a small theatre, I was expecting a great deal more vocal projection. It was rather quiet, especially towards the beginning. The set was excellently designed and lighting impeccable. The use of space really did the production well. Overall, I enjoyed the production but expected more, especially a more gripping sensibility.


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  1. On a related note, I went to see the preview of Shed a Little Light, another ACT production at the same Zeum theater featuring the likes of George Watsky, Julia Mattison, and my old pal, Rachel Rubenstein. Having performed at that venue way back in my Girls Chorus days, I must say I find the theater quite quaint and nicely intimate without pushing comfort boundries (Ben) or bubbles (ahem). The production chose some rather distant connections between the various James Taylor songs at times, but overall, I enjoyed it. Snaps for ACT.

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