So Long

As you can see below, graduation was Saturday. It’s one of those mixed-bag events where you are happy to be done but sad to be leaving. I think most graduates can agree that while it was a big event, it was not, by any means, the biggest event in our lives. We can only hope for greater and grander things while cherishing the memories and friendships of high school.

Graduation was followed by a hoard of graduation parties, most of which I did not attend but all of which were at the exact same time. They were again bittersweet.

I followed those parties with a trip to the Black and White Ball with the Jazz Monsters. I felt somewhat bad because the gig turned out to be mediocre. They performed outside in the bitter winds of the evening. I will say that their music reached a lot of incoming guests, more than some of the indoor performers, I would think. Overall, it was fun and fanciful to see all the hoopla.

I feared the worst upon my arrival at Grad Night because it seemed like summer camp with organized and mandatory fun, the culmination of which was the American Idol mock-up. I can’t even begin to tell you how sickened I felt with that activity as girls (and winston, for that matter) went to sing karaoke. Thankfully the rest of the evening was much less planned with yearbook signings, swimming, games, food, and talking. I skipped the henna tatoos, caricatures, and massages but did enjoy the sauna for a few minutes.

I didn’t shed a tear all night. I don’t think I realized what it meant not seeing a lot of people in the near future. I only recently have felt the emptiness of it all.


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