Bambuddha, Ya

While I read the Chronicle, I failed to catch this gem of greatness on University High School pointed out to me by Alison Cohen:

In olden days, many high school grads celebrated with a six-pack and a joint, but that is so yesterday. The parents of one of this year’s University High School grads hired a party planner, took over the Bambuddha Lounge at the Phoenix Hotel, rented all the hotel rooms so poolside noise wouldn’t disturb guests, and invited 150 of the graduate’s closest pals. One young guest, taking off her high heels mid-party to put on a pair of flip- flops, was overheard saying she wanted to be comfortable and everybody had already seen her Manolos.

Yes, I was there, albeit briefly. Somehow this seems to be the embodiment of UHS: flaunt it until you just can’t stand it any more…


5 thoughts on “Bambuddha, Ya”

  1. This was a graduation party which is different from Grad Night which is a school/parent-sponsored “safe and sober” event, the night following graduation. That said, most graduation parties (any number of seniors have them…I’d say ten had parties this year, of which I was invited to maybe six) are also sober because they are paid for by proud parents. This particular party was thrown by Elyse Lipman and family.

  2. If only everyone could have a flowing fountain of chocolate for fondue. I believe George also mentioned an event at Ruby Skies – seems like renting club/bar venues is the latest “six-pack and a joint.”

  3. elyse’s party was not exactly sober. i mean they didn’t sell any alcohol there, but i was fairly certain that i was one of about ten people who wasn’t on some sort of intoxicant while at elyse’s…

  4. Yea, I suppose you are right, Hollis. As soon as I walked in the door, I was greeted with a slightly too friendly exchange on behalf of several individuals… It’s no wonder the party officially started at 9PM, most arriving at 10PM…plenty of time, if you know what I mean.

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