Billy at the Ballet

Recently, I have lost touch of major broadway shows mostly because of their mediocre quality. This is evidenced by the non-sweep of the Tony’s in the last several years. There are not many composers of real worth out there. Most recently, I reviewed the pre-broadway Lenon: the musical which was a real bust. The best major show I’ve seen has beeen The Producers with cleaver music and funny storyline. But what ever happened to “gripping” productions that were more than the fluff and cleaverness?

This Times article seems to outline a dark horse in the horizon…Billy Elliot: The Musical. Now, I enjoyed the movie immensely for its sentimental story line and comedic value including the difference between saying “Billy” and “Ballet” in a country English accent. But when someone says it’s the best show since Sondheim’s Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, that is saying something. Can’t wait to see it when it comes to San Francisco in ten to twelve years.