Some other news items of interest:

AMC and Loews Merge To Rival Top Movie Chain” -NYT
Heh, I just got an AMC MovieWatchers Card. Looks like the Metreon will be turning into an AMC to go along with AMC 1000 and the local favorite the AMC Kabuki. Hmm, what’s with all these multiplexes?

Outsourced All the Way” -NYT
Raleigh Werberger said this was going to happen… Too bad Americans won’t even be able to stay one step ahead with education and creative thought. Sure we can lose our manufacturing, etc. but what happens when when our ideas are no longer the best?

Bananas, Maybe. Peas and Kale? Dream On” -NYT
Well, my campers and I will be eating in the all vegetarian cafeteria in a few weeks. Eat it.


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  1. I am rather suprised you didn’t mention the conviction of Edgar Ray Killen for manslaughter. Way to keep up on your U.S. History skills, Ryan.

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