SFBC Kick-Off

Yesterday, I went to a preliminary meeting for San Francisco Boys Chorus Camp 2005. First things first, we started off with a hearty run-thru of The California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Law. I’ll go ahead and save you the highlights because it’s a lengthy document of law. I was impressed with this presentation this year partially because it’s a new practice for employees to be educated in the proper practices of dealing with child abuse/molestation/etc. In the past, only the campers/choristers received a class on Child Abuse Prevention.

The rest of the meeting, I’ll admit, was rather awkward. We have a new camp director this year, and I’m not sure what to make of him. I want to keep an open mind but so far my impression hasn’t be stellar to a guy who was “sports director” last year. This director made a majority of his opening remarks on counselors not being the campers’ friend. He used the ever-popular “action…reaction” teaching phrase that is made fun of in the movie Les Choristes. While I somewhat agree with him, I don’t believe in holding campers at arm’s length all the time. Campers need comfort, support, and sometimes, believe it or not, a friend. He made it sound like it’s the counselors against the campers.

I was rather unimpressed to hear that the SFBC will not be maintaining a blog for the summer events which include camp and tour. Info-hungry and nervous parents aren’t going to be soothed by glossed messages about the singing in the sun. I don’t necessarily agree with the blatant censorship of negative camp events which there are bound to be. I think all camp events can be stated positively without filtering the information to parents. I was planning on sharing photos on a blog for parents but I think it’s almost more work than it’s worth…

We shall see how it goes!

EDIT (7/2/05): The SFBC will be maintaining a blog after all. The preliminary versions are password protected for SFBC parents but I will see what I can do about linking here.