Road Trip

I spent the latter part of this week in Cambria, CA which is directly between San Francisco and Los Angeles on the California coastline. It was a fun road-trip with my mother who took a few days off of her hectic schedule at work.

This is such a beautiful small town devoid of any sense of yuppiness. Even those things seemingly yuppie like the antique stores and upscale restaurants always boast a down-home, relaxed feel that would put anyone at ease. The wild flowers are intensily beautiful and the signature of the town. I suppose the farther away you get from a large city, the more “real” the town feeling is. That is important as I spend the next two weeks in Healdsberg, California – a town I have seen grow into an image of a Sonoma or a Napa, at least in its center square area.

As part of my visit, I took a tour of the nearby Hearst Castle which is a truly a monument to behold. It was built by William Radolph Hearst (the newspaper and silver baron) and Julia Morgan (who designed the former UHS Library). You can take a look at the limited pictures of it but it is quite remarkable in size. I don’t agree with the European tastes of Hearst, though. His residence is such a mish-mash of cultures and time periods, authentic and fake. If I wanted to see the real European artifacts and art, I would go to Europe not Central California.

Elephant seals provided a good half an hour of excitement but not much more. They were simply sunning and shedding this time of year. Perhaps I will go back in the winter when they have their young…

The trip has also given me an opportunity to try out using, a supposedly better way to share photos online. This innovative site has gotten a lot of press for being swallowed up by Yahoo recently. It is clean, simple, and a lot easier to deal with than uploading through Hello from Picasa courtesy of Blogger.

So here is the photo album of the trip!


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