The Plight of the Blogger

I realized just this morning the plight of the blogger in his struggles to walk the line between free speech, journalism, and privacy. After my experience without business cards, I printed business cards complete with my blog info. Yesterday, I handed it out to a SF Boys Chorus (SFBC) parent I’ve known for a good while so he could send me a picture. I was happy to receive an email saying he enjoyed my blog but it occured to me, when he commented on my recent post regarding SFBC camp preparations, that I must be mindful of what I say on this blog.

As I begin to launch into my work as a temporary employee of the SFBC, I am faced with a lot of grey area. The SFBC is an organization that I often criticize but love dearly. Where do I draw the line on that criticism? Can I recount events that are not exactly becoming of greatness of the chorus? Can I criticize individuals?

I’ve decided that this is a public blog where I am rather candid, and I’d like to keep it that way. I dearly enjoy and thank those who read but I must continue to write for me, however selfish that seems. That means that I won’t censor myself but I must make the disclaimer that I am not out to “get” anyone or any associations of mine. I promise to myself that anything I post here is not a secret and that I will happy to discuss my thoughts with anyone at anytime.


2 thoughts on “The Plight of the Blogger”

  1. the queen of being blunt says: rock on.

    i´m homesick. i can´t wait to come home. bleh… its almost one in the morning.

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