The Savior

The last three photo posts only begin to delve into my life working at San Francisco Boys Chorus (SFBC) Away Camp the past two weeks. Some may fault my lack of posting on this blog because, after all, one of keys to a blogging audience is continuing to post. However, what seems like a short hiatus was not a hiatus at all because I’ve been blogging for the SFBC community (meaning parents) on their private site. This includes updating a photo site and writing a summary each day. My final numbers for the past two weeks have been:

  • 13 posts
  • 198 photos
  • over 3800 photo views
  • 15 “feedback” emails

It’s been a whirlwind of activity perhaps greater than any other year I’ve worked at the camp. The two emergency room trips are deceivingly low. Here is a quick run-down of events for my own benefit: 24-hour intestinal virus, choking incident, window breaking incident, recording at Skywalker Ranch, scheduling nightmares (rehearsal, counseling, choreography), weak activities, communication issues, no paperwork, no meetings, tying couches to the back of pickup trucks and driving around campus, giving away the camp phone numbers to parents, grads, late-night tour emails, coup d’etat, coming and going choristers every day, and much more.

That seems like a huge nightmarish blur but I can attest that I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the craziness of it all. In particular the two-day recording at Skywalker Ranch in Marin was mind-blowing. I also had a super-creative and fun group of kids to watch over but I felt I didn’t give them 100% because I was busy trying to make the camp run.

Oh well, I’ve only just begun. Tomorrow I leave with a whole new group of choristers to watch over. This time, it’s on tour or what I call “camp on wheels.” We’re going to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Nagoya with a 70 person group. Once again, posting on this blog will be light as I start up the SFBC Tour Blog and photo site.

See you when I get back!