That’s Funny

Blogging in Hong Kong is slightly more difficult because most web pages load in Chinese characters but I’m getting by okay if you are getting this post.

Yesterday ended up being around 20 hours of traveling from San Francisco to Tokyo to Hong Kong. I managed to execute my jet lag strategy by sleeping early on in the long plane ride and then staying up so I would be tired enough to get to upon arrival. I’m staying in a nice hotel that has nice views of the Victoria Harbor but is far from the MTR, or subway system which is a pain.

I was reminded of value of touring when one of the young choristers got off the plane in Tokyo and said, “That’s funny, there are a lot of asian people here.” Traveling broadens horizons from the moment you step into a new environment. I’m looking forward to going to new places (i.e. Japan).


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  1. Ryan! You’re finally in Asia! I know you won’t be able to see this while in the mainland, because the CCP has cleverly blocked it, but let me know all about it (preferably in an email) when you’re done with your tour of Big Red China. Hope your summer’s going well!

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