100 Ways to Heaven

It’s somehow fitting that my return to life as I know it happens to also be my 100th post for I can think of about 100 things that have altered my sense of reality in the last four weeks with the San Francisco Boys Chorus:

  1. The Aichi World Expo in Japan is like a truely multicultural city except for the fact that everyone speaks English
  2. Tajimi City is the equivalent of Walnut Creek
  3. Airconditioning is perhaps the greatest invention of human kind
  4. Ice cream is good from 9AM onwards
  5. Manufacturing companies pretend to like saving the environment
  6. I hate complaining, whining, and any variation of those two
  7. Mosquitos exist in Japan and therefore mosquito repellant also exists in Japan
  8. The Boys Chorus should have girls in it
  9. Singing loudly does not mean singing well
  10. Every song in Japanese involves “Sakura”
  11. Toilets are a big deal in Japan, not so much in China
  12. I like my camera
  13. I hate my mp3 player
  14. The Shanghai Zoo is comparable in quality to the SF Zoo
  15. All soloists are divas/divos regardless of actual talent
  16. Bullet trains should leave more than two minutes to get on and off
  17. Wheeled luggage should be implemented worldwide
  18. If you lose a boy at the World Expo, contact Lost-Child Services
  19. If you lose a boy in Shanghai, say buh-bye
  20. Don’t take out too much money from the ATM or else you come back with foreign currency that is not accepted at most eating establishments in San Francisco
  21. Dispense medication of any kind to anyone who needs it (there is a one in eight chance of legal action by parents)
  22. Free time should include wandering a foreign city betweent the hours of 11PM and 2AM
  23. Never wear what your kids are wearing, they get confused at who is the authority figure
  24. Never sleep in the same room as your kids
  25. Don’t let kids carry their own passports, ever
  26. “Never send a boy or boys off in a cab without an adult supervisor pre-authorized by the SFBC adminstrative staff” -SFBC Handbook (hahaha!)
  27. Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) rules are apparently flexible
  28. Five-star hotels are nice
  29. Days off are necessary closer to the end of tour
  30. You will lose items of clothing
  31. You can’t do 60 people’s laundry in three hours
  32. You can’t do 60 people’s laundry in one day
  33. You can’t do 60 people’s laundry with laundry bags that are open
  34. Eat traditional cuisine of the country that you are in
  35. Never hide half a case of water from boys that are in need of it
  36. Never interrupt other people’s meetings
  37. Don’t give kids the option to walk off stage
  38. “There are a lot of asian people here” -Ray P.
  39. “One Gavin Davenport is enough” -Ian R.
  40. “I think we have 65 people” -Jared R.
  41. “Love you long time” -Kevin M.
  42. Wake up early, go to bed late
  43. Don’t stay in sketchy hotels with in-room foot-massages
  44. Don’t pay $130 for a foot massage
  45. Wireless internet is really good
  46. You know you’ve hit it big when you either see a poster of yourself around town or you sign autographs or you see yourself on TV or in the newspaper
  47. Publicity stunts should never occur in shopping malls
  48. Pretending you’re a ninja is fun for around five minutes
  49. Smile
  50. Soak in the traditional Japanese hot tub…it’s soothing, sorta

Okay, you’ll have to make do with the first 50. Ya?