I am 19 going on 20

Year 18 in life is quite exciting as many can attest to. You have lots of new liberties to test and you just feel older when you’re 18. But when you’re 19, as I am today, things are in between. You’re almost in your twenties and yet you’re still a teenager. You feel like you’re invincible but you’re not.

I have been struggling with the maturity thing my whole life as in people think I am too mature (if there is such a thing…). One of my friend’s mom said in an email to me:

Don’t forget to be silly sometimes — you’ve got a lifetime to be an adult, but only a few more years you can get away with the utter innocence and pure folly of youth — enjoy it!

I don’t think I can get away with anything much less be innocent or, gasp, silly. I really hope the “pure folly of youth” hasn’t passed me by because it sounds like fun. If it has indeed passed me up, perhaps that is why I seem to want to bask in the shadow of kids’ folly as I did this summer. I mean I get to roll on the ground laughing at the innocent lines like, “There are a lot of asian people here in the Tokyo (Narita) airport…” Don’t worry, I’m enjoying it.


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