Fast Food Nation

Books to read have been piling up on my desk but I finally got around to the one and the only Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser, on loan from Alexandra  by donation from Lijia. The book used to be read by Juniors in Advanced Placement U.S. History after the AP and was followed by some grand project dreamed up in the History Dept. of UHS. The book is as well-written as they come for non-fiction but I ended up concluding that I didn’t care about nine tenths of this book. Sure, it was interesting to know the history of fast food, the cleanliness of the restaurants, the use of fast food toward globalization, and the politics of the meatpacking industry but most of the book didn’t grip me. It was almost like I expected the process and book to be that way because I have this preconception that fast food is bad.

I say “most” of the book didn’t motivate me because one chapter went beyond the facts and narrative. “What’s in the Meat” opted for a touch of shock and awe with just brutal description and repetition to get the point across. That single chapter alone makes me really not want to eat meat. I can see where the read-the-book-and-turn-vegetarian sentiment comes from. But as for the real motivation to do anything else based on the book is zilch. Schlosser’s call to action versus fast food seems to be made in vain because he spends a lot of the book explaining the odds against a turn-around. There is little hope.

Well I guess the one other thing I did because of this book is measure my Body Mass Index (BMI). I scored a 23.

Books on desk:
Bringing Down the House
The World is Flat
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


One thought on “Fast Food Nation”

  1. Good choices 🙂

    >Books on desk:
    It’s a fast read, but a good one. Well worth it. It would be nice to have a little more proof for some of the claims, but I suppose mass-market books have never been known for proof.

    >Bringing Down the House
    Great diversion. Awe-inspiring.

    >The World is Flat
    You won’t learn any great truths of the universe, but it passes the time on a plane well enough.

    >Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
    There are worse ways to spend a few days, but not worth more then a couple nights.

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