Eyeing Eviction

The Chronicle ran a story on the Cervantes family’s fight to avoid eviction from their home. It’s easy to pass this off as yet another story of a family trying to stave off eviction from landlords in San Francisco. However, this really goes to show that the high cost of living in SF affects even the most revered cultural icons. It’s not that the Cervantes family should be given special permission to have their apartment designated as a landmark but it serves as an example of what many San Franciscans have to go through.

That’s not to lessen the value of the work of the Cervantes family either because their dedication is truly outstanding. I was at the Allemany Farmer’s Market yesterday and saw a yet another mural I’d never seen by Precita Eyes, the Cervantes’ organization for murals around the city. The Mission District is covered in their work. Closer to home for UHS kids is the set from THE FUSE in which Suaro Cervantes (the son of Susan Cervantes) helped create along with Stephany Howard.