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Shipping out the tenants
Artists, others must leave before toxic cleanup at Hunters Point

After visiting the Naval Shipyard with Summerbridge’s S.E.E.D.S Class this past year, I’ve taken to making San Franciscans aware of Superfund Site, as designated by the Environmental Protection Agency. This makes me believe that the Navy, who is responsible for the cleanup of this toxic area, is actually going to do it this time. I’m astonished they let these tenants live there in the first place because of the health risks associated with being in the area. From what I gather, Taylor Bell’s mother had an artist resisdency on the Navy property and would likely be affected by this move.

San Francisco Looks to Wireless Future

Well, I am indeed excited. However, the article points out a huge barrier with internet service providers in SF including the mighty Comcast Cable and SBC. Those companies pretty much become obsolete should the city adopt a “wireless blanket,” especially a low-cost one. Those companies would have to alter their strategies to get customers to pay for either higher speeds than what SF could provide or greater services such as virus protection and video mail, etc.
SF University High School Tech Director Richard Kassissieh posted his thoughts on what free wireless internet could mean for education in San Francisco.

Chinese scholars warn on wealth gap
As I go to China to work for a few months, it is interesting to see what I will make compared to a majority of China. Funny, it’s easier to find an article on Chinese wealth gap than the American one…