Shedding a Little More Light

Under my little nose, I found a bit of a raging argument on my blog. I hardly thought anyone read the darn thing. Under a June 25th posting entitled “Shed a Little Light: The Music of James Taylor,” five comments have been posted in response! Here is a sampling of that commentary:

Furthermore, I would like you to send me your resume at becuase according to your comments you can obviously perform better than the “horrendously below-the-pitch singing.” I would very much like to read it and critize it for the lack of professional experience.


The little critic is entitled to his opinion, so don’t get your panties in a twist. Let your work stand for itself and you’ll seem a lot less petty and insecure. Little Critic, you have a right to your opinion, but pooing on someone else’s hard work only makes you seem jealous. Are you jealous?

Woah. A lot of emotion in the air that I had no idea about. Well, I suppose I should first respond to David L. Morse who wrote a passionate reply to my posting. Having been in productions myself, I understand that it sucks to have your production criticized. I know how much blood, sweat, and tears go into each moment and note on stage. I would never lessen the value of that. That said, I find your fury with my commentary justified. I would stand up for my own production too. I believe it’s your emotion that has got the best of you in your comments. I would like to think that I would be able to brush of similar criticism but I am unsure.

Nevertheless, I stand by what I wrote. Yes, it is critical (perhaps on the edge of being too much so) but it is also the humble opinion of another young actor. Regardless of my professional credits, I’d hope that those other than professionals can share their opinion of theatrical performances. To tell the truth, I cannot stand the fact that everyone is so happy and delighted at every performance of everything in high school. Theatre kids have heard it all. One can have a totally off night with missed lines and people will tell them they were wonderful as to not hurt their feelings. Well, if one does go into professional theatre or even, god forbid, into real life, we’ll find that people aren’t so kind.

So in terms of the ACT Young Conservatory’s performance, I hope it gives them a starting point to examine their work. No one can claim their work is perfect, including my own. I will add that I am jealous of something thing at ACT: world premiers. I think that a company that has the resources to comission new works and the bravery to put on the new work should be commended.


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