30,000 Feet

And so it begins some 30,000 feet above the earth. I’ve been asked a lot recently about how I feel about going some 6,900 miles away from home. Okay, so it’s a bit further than I expected to go at this point but China is still only a telephone call or email message away. Sitting in the modern minimalist SFO airport, I think I felt like any other college bound student: a little scared but mostly excited. I should have felt more scared than anything else considering this higher education jaunt is uncharted territory. I won’t fully grasp the fact that I will be teaching in a University before I have attended a University until I get there. Sitting on top of the clouds now, I am unsure of what to feel. Usually, the unknown spurs fear in me but somehow it generates a mix of excitement and focus this time.

Perhaps a few days in Hong Kong will organize my thoughts more cohesively before moving on to the adventures unseen.

Note: I’ve changed all the dates and times on this blog over to China Standard Time which is +15 hours from Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco).


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