I’m Going to Disneyland!

It is evident that Hong Kong has Disney fever. You cannot miss Mickey Mouse on the subway signs nor Goofy on bank advertisements. A whole line of Disney clothing has made its way into Giordano (a popular clothing store in HK). My two Hong Kong cousins, Christie (pictured) and Tiffany, have already got their tickets for the first week after the official grand opening (on the HK Disneyland website). However, there seems to be a number of ways to grab a ticket. Retailers to travel agents are offering promotions with tickets and people are buying.

HK Disneyland is a perfect marriage of a culture infatuated with symbols of America and an profitably efficient city. My cousins know the Disney characters better than American kids do. A lot of their English comes from watching the movies and TV shows. Talking to a friend of mine who will be a senior in high school in HK, many teenagers have not given up the Disney fantasy from their childhoods. Reaching the teenage demographic is hard for Disney in the U.S. because Disney becomes too uncool past age 10. The city is ready for a huge tourist draw from Asian countries complete with a newly built subway line straight into the heart of Disneyland. The resort has built itself its own hotel to house all the tourists too.