Slowly but Surely

Still no home internet…

Pippin is coming along albeit slowly. The University is a unique paradox of being both able to do some things quickly and some slowly. Licensing is still a mess, to say the least. I am pushing hard to make sure the payment goes through so we can get the scripts and scores here ASAP. The process has been strung out way too long and has been made worse by the fact that I left for Hong Kong a week ago and have been out of touch. That is the slow-moving University I know. However, things get done a lot faster too and it has to do with the fact that I communicate with the higher-ups of the University, at least at this stage in the game.

Scheduling is looming on the horizon. Students have classes throughout the day (and night) and therefore so do teachers. What I call “creative scheduling” will have to be implemented. I will have to push even harder for accesibility to the theatre but things get sticky (literally) when finding rehearsal space with air conditioning.

My student helpers (I’ll eventually name them production assistants or something to that effect) are wonderful. They are super excited but without regular meetings or rehearsals, meetings are sporatic. I have found my music director: an expatriot named Dave. He is one of the band leaders but a definitely fun guy. I handed over the CD, DVD, and choral score to him last night. Other positions are still up in the air: choreographer, tech director.

I’ll post in more detail about the theatre itself but it is decked out. I saw a Chinese play written and directed by students (their version of THE FUSE minus the social and political aspects). There was bat flying around the whole performance… dear me…


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  1. Heh. Sounds like things are starting to come together/fall apart just as they should be :-). Creative scheduling is always a fun trick, though I suppose you could test what I keep hearing about the Chinese work-ethic and put everyone to work through the night… Or not.

    It’s not the same not having you around UHS. Andrew is starting to step into your shoes quite nicely though. It’s stacking up to be a fun season, both here and there.

    Looking forward to that post about the theater,


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