My apartment, as you can see from the last several photos, is very nice. It’s a foreign teacher’s apartment. My mother quickly sent me an email reminding me that Middlebury would not be providing me such accommodations such as a kitchen, personal washer, and living room. Then again, I’m not teaching at Middlebury, am I?

While I have yet to step foot in a student’s dorm room here on the Shantou University campus, I have peered in through the windows and they are tightly fitting perhaps more so than many dorms I’ve seen by means of the college admissions process. Desks go underneath bunk beds and the laundry dryer is your window no matter what floor you’re on: talk about hanging your laundry out to dry!

Despite the wonderful aesthetics of my apartment, hidden dangers lurk behind every corner. I found a gigantic spider in my showe the other day. I kindly asked it to leave by morning so I could take a showe and it complied. There is an ant colony of some kind setting up shop outside my bathroom. There is no food that I’ve left out so they must be subsisting on something in the apartment. Oh well, they don’t bother me, I don’t bother them.

My shower’s version of “hot” water is quite lukewarm. I would estimate its temperature top range at around 90 degrees Farenheit. I long for a hot hot shower…