Edu News in Brief

Okay, so below is basically the Education section of the New York Times. Deal with the blatant rip-off because I know you don’t read the Education section unless your parents force you to read an article that pertains to you.

Realistic Idealists
Are high school kids doing tons of community service to get into college or because this generation is bringing philanthropy to a whole new level? I think I’d like to interview Brown student, Alison Cohen for this one.

Domestic Student Exchange Programs
Hey, ever thought of doing an exchange program within the U.S.? Hey, America is a big place so you better get used to different kinds of people. Then again, you could stick to the time-tested “study abroad” option that someone has to ask about at every college tour.

The Adderall Advantage

So, students get an academic boost by taking ADHD drugs to make them concentrate better so they can study longer. Looks like the academic pressure is on. Oh, you mean that same pressure exists in high school, too?

By the Script

So much for Teach for America. I kinda wanted to really educate the next generation. This is what Raleigh Werberger at SF University High School fights every day of his life.

In Recruiting, a Big Push from Small Colleges, too
You mean top colleges recruit athletes not musicians? Hmm, should have stuck to soccer.