Highs and Lows

At summer camp, I would do an exercise called “Highs and Lows” with my campers asking each of them what was their high point and low point of the day. It seems like I should be doing that exercise every hour here at Shantou University.

I received a call this morning to go visit my to-be music director, Liu Da Wei. While it took me awhile to figure out where he actually was on campus, I finally made my way to his office/recording studio (this guy is seriously Tim Price). We had a conversation with the help of the dance teacher where he told me that the show was too difficult for a student orchestra. Okay, we’ll do it as a pit band (drums, keyboards, bass, and guitar), right? No, he suggested using MIDI files to record the drums and some orchestra lines. Ahh! We need live music, for heaven’s sake. When I pushed for live music, he said he couldn’t be the Music Director which would mean I would have to go music director shopping again. (low point)

I met with some costume design students over lunch. While there is a burgeoning number of them now, all of a sudden, they are super enthusiastic especially this one girl who is a little bit punk, a little bit goth, and a little bit Japanese anime. I set them on a path to design the chorus costumes. (high point)

Rain, my adminstrative point person, emailed me saying that auditions would have to end at 5PM on Thursday. Why? “Party Meeting” and no that’s not the kind of party with cake and music. She apologized for the “lack of communication.” Grr. (low point)

Sun-man, my high-level adminstrator, called me telling me that she spoke to Lena Lee, the director of tech over at Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (HKAPA). He said that the HKAPA had put on Pippin many times and may even already have set designs for it. He further went on to explain that the HKAPA may even have a traveling set because Pippin went on tour with the company at some point. Now, that may solve my tech set design woes in a hurry but we’ll have to see what is dug up from the back-rooms in Hong Kong. She also pointed out that senior student interns should be possible for stage management and lighting. Shout amen! (high point).


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