Follow the Leader

I recently read this in The Shantou Beat, the campus English newspaper dated April 2005 in an article titled “Chinese Culture in CUBA” by Yang:

My new American teacher…did not know how Chinese people are unbelievably
susceptible to the lastest fad. She did not know how easy it is to lead and
influence Chinese students who are often naive and gullible. If you ask some
student swhy they like basketball, they may say it is because many poeple like
it. Chinese people tend to be followers, a trait that is not necessarily bad
because popular public opinion is often right. Maybe this tendancy is why the
Chinese have a reputation for a lack of creatitvity. When our government
implemented the CET (College English Test) policy in the 1990s, the media
applauded and publicized it. And yet when our government tried to stop this
polcy in March 2005, many people said they had thought there had been problems
with the CET for ages. …I am am afraid of the “follow-the-leader” culture. It
can make you fly to heaven; it can also make you go to hell.

This was interspersed in the “Campus Life” section under a sports culture article about basketball. Quite a little opinion piece hidden in sports.