Quotes from Audition Information Forms:

“I play guita”
“Maybe I am a little good at dancing”
“I had an experience in dancing when I was seven. I don’t know what style is. It’s just ten child made up and danced together.”
“I have acted in many plays. But none of them as famous.”
“I like singing very much and I sing everyday. I also like dancing but I’m a little too fat now. So I don’t dance now. But if there is any chance, I will try my best”
“I have an experience in acting. That play named ‘A Stupid’. I act the stupid one.”
“So I’ve sang ‘My heart will go on and on.'”
“I used to be a dancer in CUBA. Samber, Chinese traditional, Modern dance.”

Each an every one of those quotes above comes from a student that I took to be part of the cast.