Beat It

I recently received an email from The Shantou Beat, Shantou University’s English school newspaper. A reporter asked me the following questions:

1.How many students have been in the audition these days?
2.How do you like their performance? Is there anyone who taken part in the audition you think is especially excellent?
3.Have you choose all the quarlified actors or actresses up to now?
4.Why do you want to take this job as a director and producer?
5.Why do you want to choose the musical”pippin” ?
6.Could you introduce yourself, your backgroud information to me?

At first, I was sort of offended at the questions, especially number three because I thought it meant, “did you choose qualified actors?” I was like, “Of course I chose those best fitted for the role!” I quickly realized that the question was one of completion: had I completed the casting process?