Chinese Censorhip

I am free to publish this blog in China. However, I cannot view my blog or any blogs for that matter due to censorship.

I recently came across this article debating whether U.S. tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo should cooperate with the Chinese government censorship in exchange for giving Chinese citizens a greaterm means of expression.

I absolutely think that China would respond with greater liberalization of free speech online should these American companies refuse to do business in China. However, the incentive for the U.S. companies to make such a stand is so miniscule compared to the benefit they already are getting. It’s like, “so what?” if the Chinese can’t write online about “democracy, Tibet, sex, Tiananmen Square, Falun Gong, or government corruption.” U.S. companies are making too much money to care about a human rights violation that is not directly causing any physical harm.

Update: This NYTimes opinion piece offers a viewpoint on the subject too (via Ben Casnocha).